Beltinge and District Funeral Service Ltd

Funerals and Prices

Direct Cremation:

This is a cremation that has no funeral service and is unattended. The time and date are of the Crematorium and Funeral Director’s availability.

A simple, plain coffin is provided for the cremation and the cremated remains may be collected by yourself from the Crematorium or can be scattered in their Garden of Remembrance.

The Direct Cremation includes:

  • Transfer of your loved one during normal office hours within 20 running miles
  • Care of your Loved One
  • Transfer to the Crematorium for cremation
  • Cremation Fees
  • Doctor’s Fees

TOTAL COST: £1,375.00

Please note:

  • You are not able to spend time with your loved one
  • You do not have a choice of crematorium, no details are placed on the notice board,
  • Mourners are not able to attend.

A Simple Low cost Funeral

You may choose the time, date and place of the funeral,

This funeral is designed to reduce the cost to you for our services. We will assist you with completing all of the necessary paperwork and liaising with all of the relevant authorities. The service does include the following:

  • Transfer of the Deceased during normal working hours,
  • Provision of a simple coffin,
  • Hearse direct to the Crematorium or Cemetery,
  • Funeral Director and four attendants,
  • Minister/Officiant,
  • No additional services may be added.

Our services: £1,550.00


Thanet Crematorium:£978.50
Doctor’s Fee:£82.00
Minister/Officiant’s Fee:from £248.00

Total Cost: £2,858.50

*Disbursements are fees that we pay on your behalf i.e.: Crematorium, Doctor and Minister/Officiant.

If a burial is required then Burial Fees apply.