Ashes Caskets and Urns

Ashes Caskets and Urns

Bamboo and Willow Woodland Urns

The willow urns are produced in the UK and are also handmade by a co-operative of cottage industries in Poland. Willow takes root from cuttings or where broken branches lay on the ground making the willow urns an environmentally friendly alternative to your traditional urn.

Bamboo is the fastest and strongest growing plant in the world, growing up to a metre a day. Panda’s are a protected species, therefore careful consideration is made for their conservation. This particular bamboo used for the construction of the urns is not the same bamboo required for the pandas’ diet; making this Bamboo urn an environmentally friendly alternative to your traditional urn.

We have a wider selection of caskets and urns for cremated remains such as

  • Keepsake jewellery.
  • Biodegradable water urns designed for cremated remains water burial.
  • Bespoke reflection caskets designed to a theme that reflect the individual qualities of the person.

This is a short list, so please feel free to enquire of any caskets or urns that may be more personal to yourself and your loved one than the more traditional options